Enneagram 7w6: The Guide

Written by Tim Branch

If you have ever:

  1. Felt torn between moving on and missing out,
  2. Longed for relational connection but felt trapped in it,
  3. Identified with the core motivations of a type seven but felt you experienced too much anxiety,
  4. Found yourself often either in a relationship or looking for one,

…you might be a 7w6. But what does that mean?

What is a Wing?

You may have noticed results from an Enneagram test you’ve taken, or seen your friends mention their type, but with two numbers with a little “w” between them. That “w” stands for “Wing”.

Your wing will be the Enneagram type directly on either side of your core type. So wings for a 7 are either 6 or 8.

Your wing is not your next highest score or another type you feel like you may be. For example, you cannot be a 7w9 or 7w2.

Your wing will be like an accent to your core personality.

Beth McCord (Your Enneagram Coach) describes wings as salt and pepper, to your entree. It adds some flavor but doesn’t change the type at its core.

So you will see traits of your wings type in your personality, but it does not change the core motivations behind your actions.

Unlike your core Enneagram type, your wings can change. You will likely have a dominant wing while having the ability to access the other when needed.

Your dominant wing can change in different seasons throughout your life, and both wings will look a little bit different as your level of health and awareness increases, or decreases.

What is a 7w6?

Enneagram 7’s long to live life to the fullest! They are positive, assertive, joyful, FUN human beings who truly are full of life.

At their core, however, they really just want to know that they will be taken care of.

There is an emptiness inside of them that longs to be filled, and deep down they don’t believe anyone can or will take care of them.

So they subconsciously, often beginning in childhood, set out to take care of themselves. They often do this by distracting themselves with pleasure.

When this core type meets the “flavor” of the seemingly more stable, anxious, and loyal Enneagram 6, you have an eclectic combination of anxiety and fear with positivity and courage.

As a healthy 7w6, you will be exceptionally relational, outgoing, and playful. You are more loyal, and you long for exciting new experiences with “your” people.

You are likely an amazing networker, generous, tender, and more sensitive towards what others think than someone with a dominant 8 wing.

In seasons of stress or struggle, you will be more scattered, anxious, fidgety, and impulsive. Your desire for relationships and material possessions will increase in an attempt to drown out your fears and anxieties.

The Unique Gifts of a 7w6

What we know about enneagram 6’s is that they are loyal, generous, and steady. They love routine and long for security and guidance. This leads them to be amazing friends and companions.

Enneagram 7’s are fun, excitable, outgoing, and full of joy. They especially love people and new and exciting experiences.

When these types come together in the 7w6, you find someone who is extremely fun and loyal. They love relationships and always look for new opportunities to experience with those they love.

When things are difficult, they may think of escaping, but if it puts someone else at risk of being hurt or feeling betrayed, their loyalty will often override their need to avoid pain.

Enneagram 7’s are not exempt from anxiety, though gifted in hiding it from themselves, while enneagram 6’s have to sift through fear in anxiety day in and day out. While this can be confusing to a 7w6, it offers so much beauty to their lives and others.

How to Grow as a 7w6

Believe it or not, 7’s often have as much fear and anxiety as Enneagram 6’s, however, their tactics for handling them are the opposite.

When the anxiety of a 7 creeps in, it can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Anxiety comes when our bodies are on overload from the emotion that hasn’t been dealt with—like sadness, loneliness, anger, or disappointment.

Feelings and emotions are actually physiological and biological, and as a seven you will often suppress them until your body says “nope! These guys have to come out!” *Insert anxiety*

Practice naming ALL of your feelings, making room for them, and communicating them to one of “your people”. Joy is actually sweeter when you truly experience all other emotions as well.

Being a 7 is like trying to fill an empty bucket with water, only to find out there are holes in the bottom.

You are constantly trying to fill your life with new and exciting experiences and things, but the only thing that will really fill you is contentment in the Lord and joy in what He has already given you.

When we see “water” in the bible, it represents life. In John 4:14, Jesus talks about the living water that can be found only in Him.

Sevens, RUN to that well. Sit, swim, splash in that well, and you will be fully satisfied, and never thirst again.

More Resources

On the other side of Seven is the 7w8. A seven with a wing of eight is even more confident, and assertive, and tends to think of others less, and opportunities more.

7w8s work hard to play hard. They love material things and have a larger capacity to do all things in excess.

To learn more about yourself as a Seven and how your Six wing may present itself, check out my guide to Type Seven and guide to Type Six.

And lastly—if you want to dive deeper into what it looks like to grow in your Enneagram type, check out The Enneagram Growth Guide, which you can download for free.

This is a guide with a Christian perspective—it’ll show you how to overcome the struggles and temptations of your number, discover the incredible gifts hidden inside you, and use that knowledge to go deeper in your relationship with God. You can grab a free copy by clicking this link.