Understand Yourself Better

Hi there! I’m Tim. On this blog, we talk about making sense of your past, understanding your deepest desires, and discovering God’s original design for you. Join me and 5000+ others who are constantly learning more about who we were created to be:


As we experience the joy and heartache of life, each of us grapples alone with a series of deep, dark questions:

Who am I really?

After my failure, am I still worthy of love?

What if my weaknesses have no redeeming qualities?

Does my presence in this world actually matter?

For over 20 years, I was terrified to explore the dark questions of my own life. But one of the most beautiful parts of my journey has been God answering all these questions in such a powerful way—and giving me meaning, purpose, and a more intimate relationship with Him than I ever dreamed.

On this blog, we dive deep into this stuff. Because it all applies to you. 

So if you’re wondering what your longings and desires mean about you…

Or if you’re worried your deepest self isn’t enough…

Or if you’re terrified to come face-to-face with the ugly parts about you…

This blog is for you.

We’ll work through all of it together, peeling back the layers of lies we each have. And you’ll start to see the amazing way God has stitched you together.

Because you were originally designed for wild, wonderful relationship with your creator—and for a greater purpose than you could’ve imagined.

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How to Become Healthier in Your Number

Self-understanding is amazing...but if you stop there, it’s all for nothing.

The Enneagram is also an invitation to start a journey to GROW into who God originally created you to be.

This guide will show you how to overcome the struggles and temptations of your number, discover the incredible gifts hidden inside you, and grow closer than ever to the Lord.

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